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Tech-enabled Consumers Challenge Traditional Healthcare Systems

Some recent research findings by Mckinsey & Co., on how consumers are utilizing digital/mobile health technologies, are very aligned with the topics being presented at HealthTech Asia 2017.
The theme for the 2017 event is “How can HealthTech find solutions to the challenges facing healthcare systems?.” Some of the research results clearly show that tech-enabled, financially accountable consumers are going to demand more from their providers and insurers and in doing so will change the way healthcare is delivered.
For example, Mckinsey estimates that healthcare spending could be cut by USD25-40 billion if only 15-20% of current USA outpatient consultations and home visits were to occur electronically via e-consultations. One of our keynote speakers, Now Healthcare Group from the UK, will present their Now GP mobile app, which is Europe’s largest virtual GP service, and how this is being adopted by consumers.
In addition, virtual access technologies that enable remote monitoring and better real-time communication with physicians have the potential to lower the need for outpatient consultations and, especially, inpatient care for high-cost conditions such as diabetes. Two of the start-ups pitching at HealthTech Asia will demonstrate how their diabetes innovations are helping with remote patient monitoring & providing personalized care for patients.
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