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Breaking News: HAX and J&J Partnership to Foster Health Start-Ups

Developing breakthrough innovations in the healthcare space can be particularly difficult and risky due to the highly regulated nature of the industry, the long development timelines and the need for expensive clinical studies.


Health-Tech start-ups now have an opportunity to increase their chances of success by joining the HAX accelerator in Shenzhen whilst at the same time gaining mentoring & industry insights from J&J (the US health care products giant). HAX and Johnson & Johnson Innovation announced early December that they are joining forces to help nurture health start-ups by offering seed funding, health-related mentoring & knowhow and access to J&J’s business networks.


The partnership will see around 15 start-ups selected by the accelerator for a four-month programme in Shenzhen, giving them access to HAX’s expertise in hardware development as well as J&J’s suppliers,  manufacturers, regulatory expertise and commercial leaders. The programme will be run twice a year.


J&J has already successfully commercialised a health-tech innovation when it bought a start-up that had developed an LED acne mask, which is now being launched in the USA as part of J&J’s Neutrogena portfolio.


HAX will be presenting at HealthTech Asia 2017 on its accelerator program, its investment strategy and on hardware innovation in HealthTech. Come find out more how HAX is changing the accelerator environment for Healthtech start-ups.

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