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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being touted as the next wave of innovation that will transform healthcare delivery models and allow patients to more proactively manage their own health.


Artificial Intelligence is a collection of systems that sense, comprehend, act and learn. The purpose of AI is to use the masses of health-related data and convert it into meaningful insights that can improve quality and efficiencies of systems that care for patients & to empower consumer to manage their own health. It’s unlikely that advances in AI will take over the role of clinicians, rather AI will allow healthcare professionals to make better data-driven decisions by being able to crunch through much more data that an average human normally can & recognize patterns often overlooked.


Prime AI applications include clinical decision support (see Moorfields Eye Hospital video), patient monitoring and coaching, automated devices to assist in surgery or patient care, and management of healthcare systems.


A recent study by Stanford did however find that adoption of AI in healthcare has been hampered by outdated regulations and incentive structures, poor human-computer interaction methods and the inherent difficulties and risks of implementing technologies in large, complex healthcare systems.


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